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When You Can't See the Sun

My two-year-old and I sing a song every morning when I spring him from his bed:

🎶Oh mister Sun….Sun……Mister Golden Sun…..Please shine down on me🎶

The weather was weird today.

(So weird I had to stop on my walk and snap this photo)

It was one of those days you couldn’t label “sunny” nor “cloudy.” The clouds were so scattered and so small and so quick that it would be sixty seconds of sun and then sixty seconds of cloudy. It was super annoying.

I loved the sixty seconds of sun. The warmth of the light, the vivid colors of the flowers, the piercing green of the trees, my skin soaking up the vitamin D.

And then clouds again. The temperature drops, the cold wind swirls, everything seems to turn a slight hue of gray.

And then back to sun. Back to clouds. Back to sun. Back to clouds.

Back to warmth and light. Back to cold and gray.

But what fascinates me is, even in the gray moments, the sun was still emitting as much light as it has since the beginning of time. The Sun was still as strong and steady and steadfast as it has ever been. The Sun still longed to send forth its life-giving rays.

I just couldn’t see it. I couldn’t feel it.

I was even tempted to think that the Sun was not as “present” because life felt a little less bright. Out of sight out of mind, I guess. 

Then it came once more. Exhaled its light. And once again was gone.

But Mister Sun is always there. He is always shining. Always giving. Always radiating. Birds learned this scientific fact before we did. They could ascend past the thickest of clouds to visit their ever-present Light-Giver.

But for those of us with no wings, The Sun must become to us an Unseen Reality. We need only think it through to come to a firm knowledge of this.

So in the seasons when the clouds above us are thick, the earth gray, and the vision hazy, we don’t depend on our feelings, that come and go like a vapor. 

We depend on what is true. We depend on what is real.

And we wait with expectation for that Ancient Sun, the Light-Giver, the Unseen Reality, who has promised that His luminous, healing rays will come swiftly like the dawn.

We will wait, and the Light will come.


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